Company Information

Company NameOncology Venture Sweden AB
Company Idea

"Oncology Venture AB was formed in 2012 by Danish and US oncology specialists and business people dedicated to unlock the potential of oncology products that has shown efficacy but not enough to beat the gold standard - to improve the efficacy of the drugs, increase the response rate in cancer patients, reduce timelines and through this improve success rates in Oncology Drug Development."

CEO  Peter Buhl Jensen
Chairman of the Board  Duncan Moore
Board  Peter Birk Rasmussen
Sanjeevi Carani
Ulla Hald Buhl
Steen Knudsen
Duncan Moore
Articles Of Association  Bolagsordning 2015-06-04.pdf
Registration Number  559016-3290
Delivery Address  Venlighedsvej 1
Zip Code  DK-2970
City  HOERSHOLM, Danmark
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e-Mail Address  
Telephone  +45 21 70 10 49
Company Presentation (video)  CEO Peter Buhl Jensens presentation of Oncolocy Venture Sweden AB at Sedermeradagen Copenhagen

Instrument Information

Stock Name  Oncology Venture
Ticker Name  OV
ISIN Number  SE0007157409
OrderBookID  111243
Number of shares  10,074,794
Par value  0.14 SEK
First Traded  7/22/2015
Instrument Type  Share

Major Share Holders (according to Euroclear) - per 12/31/2016 **

NameCapital %Votes %
Sass & Larsen Aps14.0814.08 
Buhl Krone Holding Aps12.1812.18 
Medical Prognosis Institute A/S10.6110.61 
Bny Mellon Sa/nv8.808.80 
Bnymsanv Re Jyske Bank General Sett5.275.27 

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  • Mäster Samuelsgatan 42
  • 111 57 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 511 68 000
  • info(snabel-a)aktietorget(punkt)se