New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Annika Corneliusson3/29/2007   
Eigil Jakobsen3/29/2007   
Martin Jakobsen6/2/2016   
Alf Lindqvist3/29/2007   
Maria Nord Loft3/29/2007   
Niels Techen4/13/2016   
Henrik Billger4/3/2008   4/13/2010
Ulf Karlsson3/29/2007   4/4/2008
Mats Koffner3/29/2007   4/7/2008
Rune Ljung3/29/2007   4/13/2010
Donald Persson3/29/2007   4/3/2008
Anders Wengholm4/16/2009   6/1/2016

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
6/2/2016AMH2 BMartin Jakobsen  Started possession1,000     1,000
4/25/2016AMH2 BNiels Techen  Started possession5,000     5,000
12/1/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-10,263     100,000
11/28/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-13,210     110,263
11/14/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-893     123,473
10/24/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-2,220     124,366
10/23/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-3,764     126,586
9/30/2014AMH2 BAnders Wengholm  Decreased possession-3,000     0
7/9/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm  Increased possession8,754     119,972
5/26/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm  Increased possession36,218     111,218
5/23/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm  Increased possession14,787     75,000
5/22/2014AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm  Increased possession5,213     60,213
4/1/2014AMH2 BAnders Wengholm  Increased possession3,000     3,000
11/12/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
119 days
Trade: 11/12/2013,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
New Issue5,000     55,000
10/30/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  New Issue43,850     130,350
10/30/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  New Issue3,400     8,400
10/30/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  New Issue71,489     679,489
10/30/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm  New Issue2,000     6,000
5/23/2013AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession3,000     86,500
5/23/2013AMH2 BMaria Nord Loft  Decreased possession-3,000     0
6/19/2012AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
168 days
Trade: 6/19/2012,
Reported: 2/25/2013  
Increased possession1,800     4,000
12/13/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
600 days
Trade: 12/13/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-8,719     50,000
12/12/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
601 days
Trade: 12/12/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-4,361     58,719
12/5/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
606 days
Trade: 12/5/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-2,000     63,080
12/1/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
608 days
Trade: 12/1/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-920     65,080
11/30/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
609 days
Trade: 11/30/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-5,900     66,000
11/25/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
612 days
Trade: 11/25/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-1,100     71,900
11/24/2011AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
613 days
Trade: 11/24/2011,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Decreased possession-2,000     73,000
9/9/2010AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-16,800     608,000
9/9/2010AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Increased possession16,800     624,800
1/26/2010AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
774 days
Trade: 1/26/2010,
Reported: 2/25/2013  
Increased possession1,200     2,200
1/21/2010AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
1081 days
Trade: 1/21/2010,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Increased possession10,000     75,000
11/26/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession1,000     83,500
11/12/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
823 days
Trade: 11/12/2009,
Reported: 2/25/2013  
Increased possession1,000     1,000
7/21/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
1209 days
Trade: 7/21/2009,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Increased possession10,000     65,000
6/2/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
1243 days
Trade: 6/2/2009,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Increased possession5,000     55,000
5/26/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
1248 days
Trade: 5/26/2009,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Increased possession20,000     50,000
4/16/2009AMH2 BAssociate: Anders Wengholm Late reporting
1274 days
Trade: 4/16/2009,
Reported: 5/17/2014  
Started possession30,000     30,000
12/3/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-300     608,000
11/27/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-1,000     608,300
11/24/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession1,000     82,500
8/29/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     81,500
6/18/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession400     81,300
5/16/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,900
5/8/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession400     80,700
4/7/2008AMH2 BHenrik Billger  Started possession3,000     3,000
2/13/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-10,000     609,300
2/13/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-4,000     619,300
2/11/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,300
2/8/2008AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-8,000     80,100
12/11/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     88,100
12/10/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-8,000     623,300
12/7/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-1,400     631,300
11/12/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-5,000     632,700
11/9/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession2,000     87,900
11/9/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-20,000     637,700
9/26/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-800     85,900
9/19/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     86,700
9/18/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-2,000     86,500
8/29/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     88,500
6/20/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-1,000     88,300
6/20/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-1,000     89,300
6/19/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-1,000     90,300
6/12/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     91,300
6/1/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     91,100
5/21/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession10,000     90,900
5/9/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,900
5/4/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,700
5/4/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-2,000     657,700
5/4/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Decreased possession-15,000     659,700
4/2/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,500
3/29/2007AMH2 AAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Started possession2,025,000     2,025,000
3/29/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Increased possession200     80,300
3/29/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Alf LindqvistEigil Jakobsen  Started possession80,100     80,100
3/29/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Started possession5,000     5,000
3/29/2007AMH2 BAssociate: Eigil Jakobsen  Started possession674,700     674,700
3/29/2007AMH2 BMaria Nord Loft  Started possession3,000     3,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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