New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Mats Carlsson5/17/2016   
Tomas Duffy5/9/2016   
Ingrid Engström11/19/2014   
Patric Erlandsson8/17/2015   
Keith Halsey7/15/2015   
Carin Jakobson12/10/2014   
Dag Jungenfelt5/9/2016   
Björn Norrbom2/4/2013   
Dag Sigurd2/4/2013   
Christer Stoij2/4/2013   
Anders Storm1/14/2015   
Gunnar Bringel2/4/2013   11/19/2014
Robert Ekström8/4/2014   8/15/2016
Erik Fällström2/4/2013   3/20/2015
John Fällström2/4/2013   5/9/2016
Lars Granbom12/19/2013   11/11/2015
Olle Westblom2/4/2013   2/19/2015
Ronny Wester12/19/2013   11/19/2014

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
5/23/2016SIVEAssociate: Mats Carlsson  Increased possession25,000     50,000
5/23/2016SIVEMats Carlsson  Correction-25,000     0
5/23/2016SIVEMats Carlsson  Increased possession25,000     25,000
5/19/2016SIVEAssociate: Mats Carlsson  Increased possession25,000     25,000
5/19/2016SIVEDag Sigurd  Increased possession30,000     30,000
5/19/2016SIVEMats Carlsson  Correction-25,000     0
5/19/2016SIVEMats Carlsson  Increased possession25,000     25,000
5/4/2016SIVEAssociate: Keith Halsey  Correction-1     9,880,460
1/25/2016SIVEPatric Erlandsson  Increased possession20,000     77,290
12/23/2015SIVEAssociate: Keith Halsey  Increased possession2,151,294     9,880,461
12/21/2015SIVEAssociate: Dag Sigurd  Rights Issue20,219     38,883
12/21/2015SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Rights Issue100,000     650,967
12/21/2015SIVEAssociate: Björn Norrbom  Rights Issue70,000     180,000
12/21/2015SIVEAssociate: Keith Halsey  Rights Issue5,579,167     7,729,167
12/21/2015SIVECarin Jakobson  Rights Issue34,000     34,000
12/21/2015SIVEPatric Erlandsson  Rights Issue50,000     57,290
12/21/2015SIVEAssociate: Robert Ekström  Rights Issue150,000     150,000
12/21/2015SIVEAssociate: Ingrid Engström  Rights Issue33,000     33,000
12/14/2015SIVEPatric Erlandsson Late reporting
81 days
Trade: 12/14/2015,
Reported: 4/21/2016  
Increased possession3,790     7,290
9/1/2015SIVEPatric Erlandsson  Increased possession3,500     3,500
8/25/2015SIVE TO PERSAssociate: Patric Erlandsson  Increased possession85,000     85,000
1/14/2015SIVE TO PERSAnders Storm  Started possession300,000     300,000
12/10/2014SIVE TO PERSCarin Jakobson  Started possession115,000     115,000
10/22/2014SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Rights Issue88,129     550,967
10/22/2014SIVEAssociate: Erik Fällström  Rights Issue539,418     4,045,636
10/16/2014SIVEAssociate: Dag Sigurd  Rights Issue2,488     18,664
10/16/2014SIVEGunnar Bringel  Rights Issue149     1,122
10/16/2014SIVELars Granbom  Rights Issue19,705     147,793
10/16/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny Wester  Rights Issue9,412     70,593
8/25/2014SIVEAssociate: Björn Norrbom  Increased possession110,000     110,000
8/4/2014SIVE TO PERSAssociate: Robert Ekström  Started possession1,000,000     1,000,000
7/23/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny Wester  Decreased possession-21,789     61,181
6/30/2014SIVERonny Wester  Correction-53,058     0
6/26/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-3,692     0
6/25/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-276,308     3,692
6/25/2014SIVELars Granbom  Increased possession46,178     128,088
6/25/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny Wester  Increased possession29,912     82,970
6/16/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-3,000     280,000
6/11/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-3,759     283,000
4/15/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Dividend-490,116     286,759
4/15/2014SIVERonny Wester  Started possession53,058     53,058
4/15/2014SIVELars Granbom  Started possession81,910     81,910
4/15/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny Wester  Started possession53,058     53,058
4/2/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-2,250     776,875
4/1/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-5,000     779,125
4/1/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-1,475     784,125
3/19/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-4,216     785,600
2/28/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-29,125     789,816
1/20/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 1/20/2014,
Reported: 1/29/2014  
Decreased possession-5,667     818,941
1/16/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-20,000     824,608
1/15/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-2,000     844,608
1/14/2014SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Decreased possession-3,392     846,608
12/19/2013SIVEAssociate: Ronny WesterLars Granbom  Started possession850,000     850,000
12/13/2013SIVEAssociate: Dag Sigurd  Rights Issue1,078     16,176
12/13/2013SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Rights Issue30,855     462,838
12/13/2013SIVEAssociate: Erik Fällström  Rights Issue233,747     3,506,218
12/6/2013SIVEGunnar Bringel Late reporting
5 days
Trade: 12/6/2013,
Reported: 12/20/2013  
Rights Issue64     973
9/6/2013SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Increased possession31,771     431,983
5/21/2013SIVEAssociate: Erik Fällström  Increased possession343,567     3,272,471
4/3/2013SIVEAssociate: Dag Sigurd  Rights Issue1,887     15,098
4/3/2013SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Rights Issue50,027     400,212
2/4/2013SIVEAssociate: Dag Sigurd  Started possession13,211     13,211
2/4/2013SIVEEndowment policy: Björn Norrbom  Started possession350,185     350,185
2/4/2013SIVEAssociate: Erik Fällström Late reporting
213 days
Trade: 2/4/2013,
Reported: 12/13/2013  
Correction of erroneous reporting-2,000,000     2,928,904
2/4/2013SIVEAssociate: Erik Fällström  Started possession4,928,904     4,928,904
2/4/2013SIVE TOChrister Stoij  Started possession75,000     75,000
2/4/2013SIVE TO PERSDag Sigurd  Started possession33,500     33,500
2/4/2013SIVE TO PERSBjörn Norrbom  Started possession33,500     33,500
2/4/2013SIVE TO PERSChrister Stoij  Started possession364,000     364,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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