New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Rolf Åkerlind3/29/2007   
Jonas Amnesten9/23/2013   
Marius Andersen8/9/2011   
Anna Bergius5/8/2014   
Magnus Berglind5/7/2013   
Ulf Bergström3/29/2007   
Fredrik Burvall3/29/2007   
Åsa Dahlgren6/27/2008   
Anders Holmgren5/28/2015   
Morten Klein4/1/2010   
Thomas Liljeton12/21/2015   
Gunnar Lind3/29/2007   
Johan Moazed3/17/2016   
Aron Moberg-Egfors12/25/2009   
Gunnar Modalen3/30/2016   
Jörgen Olsson5/22/2008   
Per-Anders Persson3/29/2007   
Alexander Pettersson3/24/2015   
Cathrin Rosengren9/23/2013   
Jonas Wåhlander12/21/2015   
Lorang Andreassen4/1/2010   11/8/2012
Kjell Berggren5/28/2010   5/7/2013
Rolf Blom10/23/2006   5/20/2010
Åsa Dahlgren3/29/2007   6/27/2008
Jörgen Eriksson-Sjöner3/29/2007   5/10/2011
Per Hamberg3/29/2007   5/12/2011
Anders Holmgren5/28/2010   5/9/2014
Björn Hornerud Grene4/1/2010   3/4/2015
Arild Karlsen4/1/2010   3/4/2015
Lars Kling3/29/2007   9/30/2008
Gunnar Liljedahl3/23/2007   6/27/2008
Stefan Lindahl6/27/2008   2/17/2011
Lars-Gunnar Persson3/23/2007   5/7/2013
Mats Rydberg3/29/2007   9/2/2009
Wilhelm Sande3/29/2007   6/27/2008
Emil Sunvisson3/29/2007   2/19/2015
Martin Wattin5/28/2010   12/21/2015
Jonas Wiberg9/30/2008   2/17/2011

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
3/30/2016CHER BAssociate: Gunnar Modalen  Started possession200     200
3/17/2016CHER BJohan Moazed  Started possession5,000     5,000
2/23/2016CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession8,500     2,791,207
2/23/2016CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession10,000     2,782,707
2/23/2016CHER TO 2017Jonas Wåhlander  Increased possession6,000     6,000
1/15/2016CHER BEndowment policy: Jonas Amnesten  Increased possession400     9,600
12/10/2015CHER BEndowment policy: Jonas Amnesten  Increased possession400     9,200
12/10/2015CHER BAssociate: Anders Holmgren  Increased possession41,000     51,000
11/23/2015CHER AMorten Klein  Increased possession14,340     100,000
11/13/2015CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession5,000     139,188
11/11/2015CHER BPer-Anders Persson  Decreased possession-15,000     50,956
11/11/2015CHER BEndowment policy: Jonas Amnesten  Increased possession2,000     8,800
10/7/2015CHER BAlexander Pettersson  Increased possession5,000     10,000
9/8/2015CHER BEndowment policy: Jonas Amnesten  Increased possession1,991     6,800
9/4/2015CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession3,000     134,188
9/1/2015CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession20,000     131,188
9/1/2015CHER BMagnus Berglind  Increased possession4,000     4,000
9/1/2015CHER BFredrik Burvall  Decreased possession-24,000     75,846
8/28/2015CHER BAlexander Pettersson  Increased possession2,500     5,000
7/20/2015CHER BAlexander Pettersson  Increased possession71     2,500
7/20/2015CHER BAlexander Pettersson  Increased possession2,272     2,429
7/17/2015CHER BAlexander Pettersson  Increased possession157     157
7/15/2015CHER BJörgen Olsson  Increased possession250     1,000
7/6/2015CHER AMorten Klein  Increased possession20,000     85,660
5/28/2015CHER BAssociate: Anders Holmgren  Started possession10,000     10,000
5/28/2015CHER BAssociate: Anders Holmgren  Started possession300,000     300,000
1/5/2015CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession11,790     111,188
1/5/2015CHER BMarius Andersen  Decreased possession-11,790     60,000
12/11/2014CHER BAssociate: Emil Sunvisson  Increased possession100,000     276,000
12/1/2014CHER BUlf Bergström  Redeeming Option28,716     65,884
12/1/2014CHER BFredrik Burvall  Redeeming Option71,790     99,846
12/1/2014CHER BPer-Anders Persson  Redeeming Option28,716     65,956
12/1/2014CHER BEmil Sunvisson  Redeeming Option287,160     297,619
12/1/2014CHER BAron Moberg-Egfors  Redeeming Option43,074     46,274
12/1/2014CHER BCathrin Rosengren  Redeeming Option7,179     7,679
12/1/2014CHER BMarius Andersen  Redeeming Option71,790     71,790
12/1/2014CHER TOEmil Sunvisson  Redeeming Option-200,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOFredrik Burvall  Redeeming Option-50,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOUlf Bergström  Redeeming Option-20,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOPer-Anders Persson  Redeeming Option-20,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOAron Moberg-Egfors  Redeeming Option-30,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOMarius Andersen  Redeeming Option-50,000     0
12/1/2014CHER TOCathrin Rosengren  Redeeming Option-5,000     0
11/12/2014CHER BAssociate: Emil Sunvisson  Increased possession16,000     176,000
11/12/2014CHER BEmil Sunvisson  Decreased possession-16,000     10,459
10/3/2014CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession15,000     2,772,707
10/3/2014CHER BFredrik Burvall  Decreased possession-15,000     28,056
9/23/2014CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Started possession1,500     1,500
9/12/2014CHER BFredrik Burvall  Decreased possession-3,000     43,056
9/11/2014CHER BFredrik Burvall  Decreased possession-3,000     46,056
9/10/2014CHER BFredrik Burvall  Decreased possession-844     49,056
7/28/2014CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession3,000     2,757,707
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Fredrik Burvall  Increased possession5,000     5,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Marius Andersen  Increased possession5,000     5,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Ulf Bergström  Increased possession5,000     5,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Per-Anders Persson  Increased possession5,000     5,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession5,000     5,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Cathrin Rosengren  Increased possession2,000     2,000
5/29/2014CHER TO 2017Jonas Amnesten  Increased possession2,000     2,000
11/19/2013CHER BEmil Sunvisson  Increased possession10,459     26,459
9/24/2013CHER BCathrin Rosengren  Started possession500     500
9/24/2013CHER TOCathrin Rosengren  Started possession5,000     5,000
9/23/2013CHER BEndowment policy: Jonas Amnesten  Started possession4,809     4,809
5/15/2013CHER BMorten Klein  Decreased possession-30,000     -30,000
10/12/2012CHER BBjörn Hornerud Grene  Decreased possession-120,000     769,843
10/9/2012CHER BBjörn Hornerud Grene  Decreased possession-30,000     889,843
9/6/2012CHER BJörgen Olsson  Increased possession250     750
7/19/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession3,000     2,784,707
5/30/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession500     2,781,707
5/25/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession2,500     2,781,207
5/11/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession3,200     2,778,707
3/26/2012CHER BGunnar Lind  Decreased possession-2,000     170,720
3/20/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession2,507     2,775,507
3/19/2012CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession2,000     2,773,000
12/30/2011CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession30,000     2,771,000
12/30/2011CHER BBjörn Hornerud Grene  Increased possession1,000     919,843
11/17/2011CHER TOEmil Sunvisson  Targeted Issue200,000     200,000
11/17/2011CHER TOFredrik Burvall  Targeted Issue50,000     50,000
11/17/2011CHER TOUlf Bergström  Targeted Issue20,000     20,000
11/17/2011CHER TOPer-Anders Persson  Targeted Issue20,000     20,000
11/17/2011CHER TOAron Moberg-Egfors  Targeted Issue30,000     30,000
11/17/2011CHER TOLars-Gunnar Persson  Targeted Issue10,000     10,000
11/17/2011CHER TOMarius Andersen  Targeted Issue50,000     50,000
9/23/2011CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession3,025     2,741,000
9/19/2011CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession6,975     2,737,975
9/6/2011CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession21,000     2,731,000
9/5/2011CHER BAssociate: Arild Karlsen  Increased possession1,000     919,836
8/29/2011CHER BJörgen Olsson  Started possession500     500
2/22/2011CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession15,000     99,398
1/21/2011CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession4,139     2,710,000
1/21/2011CHER BAssociate: Arild Karlsen  Increased possession16,250     918,836
1/21/2011CHER BBjörn Hornerud Grene  Increased possession16,257     918,843
10/25/2010CHER BAssociate: Martin Wattin  Increased possession1,807     27,361
10/25/2010CHER BAssociate: Martin Wattin  Increased possession421     25,554
10/25/2010CHER BAssociate: Martin Wattin  Increased possession10,000     25,133
10/20/2010CHER BAssociate: Martin Wattin  Increased possession133     15,133
10/20/2010CHER BAssociate: Martin Wattin  Increased possession15,000     15,000
10/1/2010CHER BMorten Klein Late reporting
6 days
Trade: 10/1/2010,
Reported: 10/18/2010  
Increased possession8,719     2,705,861
7/16/2010CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession11,674     84,398
5/31/2010CHER BMorten Klein  Increased possession5,113     2,697,142
5/1/2010CHER BAssociate: Arild Karlsen  Started possession902,586     902,586
4/29/2010CHER ALorang Andreassen  Started possession34,340     34,340
4/29/2010CHER AMorten Klein  Started possession65,660     65,660
4/29/2010CHER BLorang Andreassen  Started possession1,804,120     1,804,120
4/29/2010CHER BMorten Klein  Started possession2,692,029     2,692,029
4/29/2010CHER BBjörn Hornerud Grene  Started possession902,586     902,586
4/9/2010CHER BPer-Anders Persson  Rights Issue200     37,240
4/8/2010CHER APer Hamberg  Increased possession2     239,522
4/8/2010CHER BLars-Gunnar Persson  Rights Issue200     39,160
4/7/2010CHER BFredrik Burvall  Dividend300     49,900
3/31/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Blom  Correction-24,377     0
3/31/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Blom  Rights Issue36,221     68,310
3/31/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Blom  Correction24,377     32,089
3/26/2010CHER APer Hamberg  Rights Issue89,820     239,520
3/26/2010CHER AAssociate: Per Hamberg  Rights Issue21,036     56,099
3/26/2010CHER BPer Hamberg  Rights Issue104,226     270,933
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Per Hamberg  Rights Issue4,500     12,000
3/26/2010CHER BPer-Anders Persson  New Issue13,890     37,040
3/26/2010CHER BEmil Sunvisson  Rights Issue6,000     16,000
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Rights Issue600     1,600
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Rights Issue600     1,600
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Rights Issue600     1,600
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Per Hamberg  Rights Issue78,786     210,092
3/26/2010CHER BAssociate: Emil Sunvisson  Rights Issue60,000     160,000
3/26/2010CHER BEndowment policy: Rolf Åkerlind  Rights Issue66,000     176,000
3/25/2010CHER BUlf Bergström  Rights Issue13,938     37,168
3/25/2010CHER BFredrik Burvall  Rights Issue18,600     49,600
3/25/2010CHER BJörgen Eriksson-Sjöner  Rights Issue4,890     13,040
3/25/2010CHER BGunnar Lind  Rights Issue64,770     172,720
3/25/2010CHER BLars-Gunnar Persson  Rights Issue14,610     38,960
3/25/2010CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession27,270     72,724
3/25/2010CHER BAron Moberg-Egfors  Increased possession1,200     3,200
12/25/2009CHER BAssociate: Aron Moberg-Egfors  Started possession45,454     45,454
12/25/2009CHER BAron Moberg-Egfors  Started possession2,000     2,000
12/8/2008CHER AAssociate: Per Hamberg  Increased possession35,063     35,063
12/8/2008CHER BUlf Bergström  Increased possession20,000     23,230
12/8/2008CHER BFredrik Burvall  Increased possession30,000     31,000
12/8/2008CHER BJörgen Eriksson-Sjöner  Increased possession5,000     8,150
12/8/2008CHER BGunnar Lind  Increased possession100,000     107,950
12/8/2008CHER BPer-Anders Persson  Increased possession20,000     23,150
12/8/2008CHER BAssociate: Per Hamberg  Increased possession131,306     131,306
12/8/2008CHER BAssociate: Emil Sunvisson  Increased possession100,000     100,000
12/8/2008CHER BEndowment policy: Rolf Åkerlind  Increased possession110,000     110,000
12/5/2008CHER BLars-Gunnar Persson  Increased possession20,000     24,350
12/5/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession15,000     23,000
9/19/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession1,800     8,000
6/23/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession800     6,200
6/12/2008CHER BGunnar Lind  Increased possession800     7,950
6/12/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession2,000     5,400
6/9/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession400     3,400
6/4/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession200     3,000
5/28/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession600     2,800
5/26/2008CHER BGunnar Lind  Increased possession5,000     7,150
5/22/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession200     2,200
3/20/2008CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession200     2,000
12/10/2007CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession200     1,800
10/8/2007CHER BPer Hamberg  Decreased possession-7,000     166,707
6/27/2007CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession1,000     1,600
6/20/2007CHER BMats Rydberg  Increased possession600     600
4/20/2007CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Started possession1,000     1,000
4/20/2007CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Started possession1,000     1,000
4/20/2007CHER BAssociate: Rolf Åkerlind  Started possession1,000     1,000
3/29/2007CHER BUlf Bergström  Started possession3,230     3,230
3/29/2007CHER BAssociate: Rolf Blom  Started possession24,377     24,377
3/29/2007CHER BAssociate: Rolf Blom  Started possession7,712     7,712
3/29/2007CHER BFredrik Burvall  Started possession1,000     1,000
3/29/2007CHER BAssociate: Per Hamberg  Started possession7,500     7,500
3/29/2007CHER BGunnar Lind  Started possession2,150     2,150
3/29/2007CHER BLars-Gunnar Persson  Started possession4,350     4,350
3/29/2007CHER BPer-Anders Persson  Started possession3,150     3,150
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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