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Number of months that the report spansQ2 (3 mo)Q3 (3 mo)Q4 (3 mo)Full YearQ1 (3 mo)Q2 (3 mo)Q3 (3 mo)Q4 (3 mo)
Total revenue (MSEK)106.70154.10171.10527.30177.30191.70214.00519.40
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) (MSEK)- 5.2011.0016.4013.3017.406.0021.50580.60
Pre tax profit (PTP) (MSEK)- 6.4013.8011.106.9019.3010.5032.10587.30
Net Revenue (MSEK)- 6.8012.108.906.4011.503.0021.90573.00
Earnings per share (SEK)- 0.500.650.63-0.060.800.211.353.57
Dividend per share (SEK)--------
Owner's equity (MSEK)107.40159.20156.90156.90219.00228.30650.50987.60
Fixed assets (MSEK)120.60186.70178.90178.90224.30225.801 055.303 284.20
Intangible assets (MSEK)109.40175.70167.90167.90211.90213.00226.403 263.00
Liquid assets (MSEK)73.0071.50110.30110.30165.70209.30247.80647.30
Total shareholder equity and liabilities (MSEK)193.70258.20289.30289.30390.00435.001 303.203 931.60
Long time debts including distributions (MSEK)2.904.202.702.704.103.70474.70486.40
Short term debt (MSEK)83.4094.90129.70129.70166.80203.00178.002 457.70
Number of shares (in millions)13 442 00013 988 00013 988 00013 988 00014 297 11414 297 11414 297 114-

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