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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – August 30, 2017. A new research paper from Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. (‘Chiesi’) found ISAB’s labtech system PreciseInhale performed with “accuracy higher than usual techniques”. Published in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, the paper shows how PreciseInhale gives crucial pharmacokinetic data on new treatments early on in the preclinical phase of development.

Chiesi is a leading innovator in developing new inhaled medicines. This year, for example, Chiesi received a positive response from the European Medicine Agency for tests on the world’s first triple combination drug against COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Chiesi first purchased the Inhalation Sciences (ISAB) labtech system PreciseInhale in September 2014.

Successful preclinical results, early on in drug development, are critical in developing new therapies. ISAB CEO Frederik Sjövall: “Getting results right, from the start, can reduce risk and save pharma companies time and money. PreciseInhale is the only system that can show data of this detail early on. We’re delighted Chiesi’s new publication shows the scientific and strategic edge PreciseInhale gives.”

Titled Investigation of Lung Pharmacokinetic of the Novel PDE4 Inhibitor CHF6001 in Preclinical Models: Evaluation of the PreciseInhale Technology, the paper is authored by Alessandro Fioni, Valentina Cenacchi, Giandomenico Brogin and Paola Puccini from Chiesi—and Ewa Selg, Fernando Acevedo and  Per Gerde from Inhalation Sciences.

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About Inhalation Sciences AB (publ.)

Inhalation Sciences develops and sells patented, highly innovative labtech equipment for inhalation research. Scientists using it can now know, with unprecedented accuracy, how particles behave in our lungs when we inhale them: whether new pollutants or life-saving drugs that power human development.

About Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A

Chiesi Farmaceutici is a global, research-focused group with more than 75 years of experience headquartered in Parma Italy. Chiesi researches, develops and commercializes innovative pharmaceutical solutions in the respiratory therapeutics and specialist medicine areas. The Chiesi Group employs approximately 3900 people, 480 of which are dedicated to R&D activities. For more information, please visit

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